The Art Of Prompt

The Art of Prompt
Narrated by:Robert Wrenlock
Length: 10 hrs and 37 mins


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Publisher’s Summary

When was the last time you had writer’s block? You wanted very badly to write, but you couldn’t think of what to write about! This collection of writing prompts will get your creative juices flowing and having you fill up page after page in no time, at all!

Here are a few samples:

  • The year is 1910. Adolf Hitler, a struggling artist, has fought off dozens of assassination attempts by well-meaning time travelers, but this one is different. This traveler doesn’t want to kill Hitler; he wants to teach him to paint. He pulls off his hood to reveal the frizzy afro of Bob Ross.
  • I’ll tell you what I’m going to do, Mr. Bond. I’m going to stick you in a spacesuit with a radio and strap you into one of my cars. Then, while mankind watches, I’ll launch you into space. The last thing you’ll hear before leaving this earth forever, will be their applause.
  • It’s 3 a.m. An official phone alert wakes you up. It says “Do not look at the moon.” You have hundreds of notifications. Hundreds of random numbers are sending “It’s a beautiful night tonight. Look outside.”
  • When you die, you appear in a cinema with a number of other people who look like you. You find out that they are your previous reincarnations, and soon, you all begin watching your next life on the big screen.
  • You lost your sight – along with everyone else on Earth – in The Great Blinding. Two years later, without warning, your sight returns. As you look around, you realize that every available wall, floor, and surface has been painted with the same message – Don’t tell them you can see.
  • And many, many, many more topics, ideas, and exotic situations that will help you get your next book or screenplay into the world!

This collection of writing prompts is a powerful and useful reference to use whenever you need something to kick-start your writing! And best of all, you have no excuse to not get started right away!