iPad Guide: The simplified manual for kids and adults

By: Dale Brave, Narrated by: Jasper ThorneIsland Audio

Length: 1 hr and 45 mins

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Publisher’s Summary

Get Acquainted with the latest iPad tablet features you are never aware of!

An iPad can be so many things: an entertainment hub, a way to stay in touch with the world, a productivity tool, and many other things. This book is centered on helping iPad users who are probably getting started with using ipad tablets, and users who have been using iPad tablets.

In this friendly approached educating book, you’ll find out how to fire up any model of iPad, connect to the internet, and use applications to play video games, watch movies for free, listen to music, chat via video, update your social accounts, read the news, or just about anything else you’d want to do.

This book suitable for kids, teens, adolescents, and adults who are either dummies or seniors interested in finding accessible guidance on making the most of their iPad, you’re in good hands!

©2019 Dale Brave (P)2020 Dale Brave
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