Her Sister’s Missing Beau

Her Sister’s Missing Beau
Mail Order Brides Of Colorado
Narrated by:Robert Wrenlock
Length: 2 hrs and 7 mins


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Publisher’s Summary

Lucas Kinkaid is sick of being pressured to marry his sister Marjorie’s choice for him – Florence Weston. Lucas doesn’t love Florence and doesn’t even want to get married, but the women in his life have teamed up against him. He’s had it. He’d rather marry a stranger than the lazy, mean-spirited Florence. When he overhears a couple of cowboys talking about getting Mail Order Brides, he decides that will be his solution. He’ll order a bride for himself.

Sara Jones doesn’t believe in love. She’s lost her parents and raised her siblings and now is desperate to offer them more financial support. When she sees an advert from a wealthy rancher in Colorado looking for a bride, she decides to take the chance. This man is willing to pay her way to Colorado and home again if things don’t work out. What has she got to lose?

Upon arrival, Sara isn’t prepared for the hostility she encounters from Marjorie and her 12-year-old daughter, Lilah. Nor is she prepared to face true love for someone who only wanted a way out. Sara fears she’d made a horribly bad decision in coming to Colorado, yet she dreads leaving the man she now loves.

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