Apostle John Speaks From Heaven

By Matthew Robert Payne, Sheldon T. Bennett, Narrated by Wesley Thorpe
Length: 2 hrs 23 mins
Non-fiction, Christianity, Religion and Theology

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The apostle John wrote one of the most loved yet misunderstood books of the Bible. He is a very personable and loving man when you meet him. As the “disciple that Jesus loved,” he was very close to Jesus when he walked the earth. Now he is in heaven and is a remarkable saint. In September 2017, he came to visit Matthew and spoke on a number of subjects. These include:

  • His intimate insights into Jesus
  • Loving in action
  • The faithful ones
  • Being lukewarm
  • His experiences on Patmos

John does not pull any punches with his words. He is direct and warns the church and believers about the perils that can face a Christian if they love the world instead of loving God. Come and hear John as he shares his heart and warns people so that they don’t walk off a spiritual cliff.

©2018 Matthew Robert Payne (P)2020 Matthew Robert Payne

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